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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

(No so) Old and New


Still going with the bloody woodgrain removal.

An unintended consequence of carving off the woodgrain on the first GSV has been the loss of the tensioning rod ends where they stick out of the van ends - I'll have to fabricate some new ones out of styrene rod.

I also have modified the roofs on the GSV's to be post '48 configuration per the AMRM article:

Little progress on the WFV,

I'm eagerly awaiting some 0.008" / 0.2mm Phosphor Bronze wire from MRRC (closest size to 5/8" grab irons), this wire will also replace the 0.4mm wire used on my rollingstock.

Now for the "Old and New".

'Old' being the existing ILM Bogie Rest van and BWF, 'New' being the superb 'G' bogie from SDS Models.

While the ILM 'G' bogie is still a beautiful bit of casting, the SDS version is beautifully detailed including brake rigging and the end frame that joins the bogie sides. I'm pragmatic in these things, the ILM G's have been kept in the 'one day' box.

I also bought a pair to go under the ILM SHG, clearances will dictate whether I use them or the ones originally supplied.

The BWF is just the floor and deck sitting loose on the bogies - 'proof of concept' as it were.  They need straightening as there is a slight bow in the castings.

That's all for now!

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