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Saturday, 6 September 2014

It goes against the grain..


As noted on other blogs, the greatest disappointment with the Austrains GSV and CW is the weird woodgrain finish.

No stockwagon in service would have ever been allowed to run in that condition.

Whoever advised Austrains (and Eureka) on that woodgrain really needs to seriously re-evaluate their research.

SDS got it right with their BCW, so why the difference??

I've done an experiment with a CW and GSW to remove that @#$%^&ing woodgrain (if you are asking why then you really don't get it), I've used a #11 blade, a curved edge blade and a narrow chisel blade with encouraging results, this is being smoothed off with a fibreglass brush.

It's extremely tedious (12 x wagons to go) but at this stage so worth it.  I've tried this method rather than the miniblaster method to see if:

(a) it was practical
b) the fine bolt head detail could be preserved.

On both counts so far yes.

The pics below show the experiment so far, please note I haven't finished the scraping.

That's all for now!