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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Layout concept


Due to family, work and upcoming Christmas commitments, model building has had to be suspended for the time being, I hope to be able to get some time to finish kits off late-January.....I'm still collecting bits and pieces as well as detailing parts in the meantime.

For those unaware, Ian Lindsay Models has retired.

A big thank you to Ian Storrie for producing these kits over so many years, please enjoy your retirement Ian!

Back to the layout.....

I've planned to fit this into a 'standard' 6m x 7m shed and will be designed to be point to point operation (if circumstances change and a larger shed comes into the equation, the plan gets adjusted!)

Doing the occasional bit of train crew work up at Thirlmere over the years has developed my interest in building a layout for prototypical operation of trains, rather than going round-and-round (that's what the Marklin is for).

I intend to use DCC, but with manual point control - McKenzie ground frames would be nice, but at approx $50 per lever.......

I'm setting the layout it in the 1946-1954 period.

Why?  I like the Venetian Red & Russet colour scheme and I certainly don't have the skills to do the fully lined version justice.  It also allows me to run varnished 12 wheelers and other suitable cars.

I enjoy  being able to have correct consists and formations for this period - (blame The Detail Police ;-).

Mind you, I'll be interested to see Austrains' 81 class when it comes out and I have a very soft spot for 42's in 'as delivered' condition then there's Aucisions 46/86 and IDR's  85 class to consider..............

My railway, my rules and it's there for my enjoyment.

Part of the inspiration of the track plan is from this great article and plan by Rodney Barrington in Branchline Modeller #4:


Images are reproduced with the kind permission of Branchline Modeller Publications, many thanks to Stephen Ottaway for his permission to reproduce these.

Plans by Rodney Barrington

From this,the final version(s) of the track plan will evolve taking into account size constraints of the shed and my desire to incorporate a regional feel rather than just concentrating on the specifics of the Tumut, Kunama and Tumbarumba lines.

Let's consider this track plan for the genesis of the main station "Murrum":

Tom Pall Collection
I know Tumut has been modelled in 1 exhibition layout (Tumut Branch Line) and at least 1 home layout, but the aim of Murrum is not about a dead scale accurate recreation, rather to invoke the spirit of these places..

Let's look at the features Tumut yard has (only the engine, carriage shed, coal stage and flour mill are gone):

  • Turntable (50' C.I.)
  • Flour mill
  • Butter factory (I could even substitute this for a Freezing works)
  • Manual coal stage
  • Single road engine shed
  • Carriage shed (long gone, but the foundation are still there)
  • Goods shed
  • Loading bank
  • Footwarmer plant
All the essential stuff for a branch line terminus!

I like the SJM and Rail Central Pc kits, so I may yet do the station buildings as concrete construction, leaving the engine, carriage and goods shed as timber/iron items.  There may also be a Pc Barracks as well in the future

That's all for now.



  1. G'day Tom :)

    A message from your friendly neighbourhood Detail Police Constable... ;)

    If you build a trackplan based on Tumut and merely substitute concrete buildings, you will definitely be generating a big new Detail Police miscreant file!
    Between the time Tumut was erected and the pre-cast concrete era, there were subtle, but quite noticable changes to the way station layouts were designed. If you want to stick with Tumut's layout, you really need to stick with timber buildings if you wish to avoid Official Notice, whereas if you want to use concrete buildings, I suggest you have a look at the design of termini such as Rankin Springs, Naradahn, Burcher, Eugowra, Boggabilla etc.
    There are differences and the Detail Police are now watching you! ;)

    1. Honoured to have attracted your attention Constable!

      Fair point re track layout differences, the ARHS CD will be duly consulted!!

      I might yet go 'all concrete' at the other end of the line instead - Kunama/Tumbarumba terminii and a fair few intermediate stations (not all e.g. Glimore, Ladysmith, Tarcutta and Humula) were constructed in the concrete era.

      The articles in BM/AJRM are a good source of inspiration re the Pc buildings (will need to buy the AMRM back issues of course), so more posts to come re track plans etc.

      Now the wait for an LFX, LHG and ACX to join the roster......

      Since I have a 1st run Minimodels Sydney Suburban set , will I need to construct my platforms to suit the suburban loading gauge....? ;-)