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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A quick update


I spent a nice week at Nimmitabel with the family recently and had the joy of a couple of hours worth of snow there in mid October!

I went for a ride on the CMR (please support groups such as this they do a great job in conserving what's left of the lines, if they and others weren't doing this, all we would have is memories and photos...)

Here's a shot of CPH6 on the Down between Bunyan and Cooma on the Wednesday.

Love that Monaro scenery - pity I missed the last train to Bombala in 1985 with 3102T and 3026T!

Modelling wise, I've almost finished the AndIan models LWW after having @#$d up soldering some of the laminations, these having to be removed and resoldered.

Apologies in advance to Andrew Lee and Ian Phemister when I post some pics (soon) - my brutal soldering skills do not do their magnificent kit justice - it's as rough as it gets, despite my best efforts.

Lessons learnt::

  1. Go for a simple etched kit if your soldering skills are rusty
  2. Take your time - like anything, effort in = end result!
I'm finishing off the marvellous B wagon kit from IDR Castings, it just needs the door bangs formed, coupler release bars fitted and it's ready for painting - Sergent couplers have already been fitted.  

As with all my rolling stock fitted with spoked wheels, RP25/88's are fitted as an interim measure until the correct P87 spoked wheels surface...........

Pictures coming soon of the B as well!

That's all for now.