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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

What's in the workshops....


Like a lot of modellers, I've got a lot of projects on the go at once, most of them are 1/2 finished.

Perhaps it's a generational thing (Gen X).

Most of these are 'basic' assembled, but need detailing such as handrails etc., etc.  All of them are waiting on the mythical 8-spoke wheels and suitable drawgear - hook or autos.

Anyone out there worked out a way to do transition links (D link and 2 links either both long or long/short) and fit them to Kadee 'scale' couplers or (preferably) Sergent couplers?

In the case of the CPH it's a question of disc wheel Stanton Drive or somehow adapt a P87 spoked wheel to it - just to be different CPH/CTH's had a 9-spoke 33" wheelset.....prototypical accuracy has its limits!

In the works

  • GT van (ILM)
  • HS (ILM)
  • TE (Sydney Hobbies)
  • LWW (AndIan Models)
  • BLV (Andian Models)
  • RU x 8 (TrainO & ILM superdetailing kits)
  • CPH +CTH (Casula)
  • TBC (L&C/Casula)
  • TFX (L&C/Casula)
Plus other carriage and wagon projects not started that I'm slowly getting the bits together for.

That's all for now, hopefully some pics of the LWW soon.



  1. Hi Tom,
    You're a braver man the me going the P87 path and I'm keen to see how you go about sourcing the wheels particularly steam loco drivers.
    I case you're interested you should see some of the modelling of Oscar Deluka.

    I had the pleasure of talking to him at the last Early Days Convention....his work is truly superb and probably the best model engineering I've seen to date.

    I'll be watching your blog with interest!!


    1. G'day Rob.

      I've got no idea yet about the steam loco drivers - it may possibly be the Shapeways route for rapid prototyping, of course it comes down to $$$ and interest from other modellers in supporting a concept such as this.

      DJH kits (I'm a big fan of them) would probably need a custom chassis etched to take proper hornblocks with compensation (see Julian Watson's J class posting, as well as axles etc., etc.

      I've been following Oscar's pioneering work for a while, enough said about the quality of his work! He proves it can be done, I just shudder at the $$ and time.......

      If you look at the VR days blog, you can see the work that Julian Watson, Damian Chrystie and Nigel Gardener have been up to in getting a P87 spoked wheelset (VR 10 spoke) for HOb5 1/4 - true 5'3" broad gauge in P87 - now there's a challenge!