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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

What's in the workshops....


Like a lot of modellers, I've got a lot of projects on the go at once, most of them are 1/2 finished.

Perhaps it's a generational thing (Gen X).

Most of these are 'basic' assembled, but need detailing such as handrails etc., etc.  All of them are waiting on the mythical 8-spoke wheels and suitable drawgear - hook or autos.

Anyone out there worked out a way to do transition links (D link and 2 links either both long or long/short) and fit them to Kadee 'scale' couplers or (preferably) Sergent couplers?

In the case of the CPH it's a question of disc wheel Stanton Drive or somehow adapt a P87 spoked wheel to it - just to be different CPH/CTH's had a 9-spoke 33" wheelset.....prototypical accuracy has its limits!

In the works

  • GT van (ILM)
  • HS (ILM)
  • TE (Sydney Hobbies)
  • LWW (AndIan Models)
  • BLV (Andian Models)
  • RU x 8 (TrainO & ILM superdetailing kits)
  • CPH +CTH (Casula)
  • TBC (L&C/Casula)
  • TFX (L&C/Casula)
Plus other carriage and wagon projects not started that I'm slowly getting the bits together for.

That's all for now, hopefully some pics of the LWW soon.